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European Union Recycle Tire Tests Announced

The results of the European Union Recycle Tire Test shows that CBp Carbon Industries Inc technology for recycling tires to be the first fully integrated approach of thermal and mineral technologies that is both environmentally and economically viable.

RecycleMania 2007 Spurs College Campuses to Score Big for the 'Green Team'

The ruckus heard across college campuses this spring was not just due to the NCAA championship games.

Green at Work: Tips From Xerox to Reduce, Recycle and Recharge in the Office

Xerox is encouraging the use of more digital systems and document management services for a more efficient and environmentally friendly workplace.

National Survey Reveals More than 70% of Americans Don't Know Plastic is Made from Oil

According to a nationwide online survey released today, 72 percent of the American public does not know that conventional plastic is made from petroleum products, primarily oil.

Dataserv Takes Pioneering Role In StEP's Launch To The United Nations

Dataserv, the UK's leading asset retirement solution provider for ethical recycling and reuse of electronic and electrical equipment, will be a key participant at Solving the E-Waste Problem's (StEP) launch to the United Nations and National representatives in New York today.

Motorola Calls Schools to Join Race to Recycle Program

Motorola, Inc today renewed its call for US schools to earn extra money and help the environment by collecting used mobile phones for reuse and recycling through the company's Race to Recycle program.

Environmental Stewardship in the Workplace Is Easier Than You Think

It's time for American offices to go green.

Hearst Magazines to Include "Please Recycle" Logo in Its 19 U.S. Titles

Hearst Magazines President Cathleen P Black today announced a new company-wide environmental initiative aimed at encouraging magazine readers to recycle the magazines that they read.

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