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Flexible Solutions Awarded Contract to Reduce Evaporation on Libyan Reservoirs

Today, Flexible Solutions International, Inc announced that its WaterSavr evaporation reduction technology will be deployed at two Libyan reservoirs used for storing drinking water.

Storm Drain Filter System Successfully Installed in Norwalk, Connecticut

AbTech Industries Inc, the leading provider of customized clean water solutions, announced today the successful installation of over 275 Ultra Urban® Filters (UUF) with Smart Sponge® Plus in storm drains in the targeted drainage area of Norwalk, Connecticut.

Bacteria Converts Styrofoam into Biodegradable Plastic

Bacteria could help transform a key component of disposable cups, plates and utensils into a useful eco-friendly plastic, significantly reducing the environmental impact of this ubiquitous, but difficult-to-recycle waste stream, according to a study scheduled to appear in the April 1 issue of the American Chemical Society journal, Environmental Science & Technology.

Major Corporations Phase Out PVC from Packaging

Microsoft, along with Kaiser Permanente, HP, and others, announced they have joined the fast-growing ranks of major corporations demonstrating concern about the environmental health impacts of their products or packaging by phasing out PVC plastic (polyvinyl chloride or vinyl).

Plant-based Resin Paint Being Developed for Consumer Electronics

For the first time in the world, Sharp Corporation and Kansai Paint have developed technology for painting the plastic parts of consumer electronics with plant-based resin paint made from corn.

Filtration Technology Removes Arsenic from Drinking Water

Pall Corporation has developed a membrane filtration technology to remove arsenic from drinking water.

More Oil With Less Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Secretary Samuel W.

Treating Wastewater with Membrane Bioreactor Technology

Treating wastewater by using Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR) is appearing in treatment plants in the US.

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