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Study: Vegan Diets Healthier for Planet, People Than Meat Diets

The food that people eat is just as important as what kind of cars they drive when it comes to creating the greenhouse-gas emissions that many scientists have linked to global warming, according to a report accepted for publication in the April issue of the journal Earth Interactions.

90% of Americans Concerned About Environment

Soaring energy prices, an increase in global warming, news about the rise in CO2 levels and pollution, and rapid deforestation may explain why 90% of Americans are somewhat and very concerned about the future of the environment.

Thermal Energy Files New Patent for THERMALONOx

Thermal Energy International Inc announced today at its annual meeting of shareholders, that it has filed for a provisional patent on new technology at the core of its THERMALONOx solution.

Flexible Solutions Awarded Contract to Reduce Evaporation on Libyan Reservoirs

Today, Flexible Solutions International, Inc announced that its WaterSavr evaporation reduction technology will be deployed at two Libyan reservoirs used for storing drinking water.

Press Briefing From the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman on: Climate Change and Other Business

The Prime Minister Official Spokesman (PMOS) previewed the Prime Minister's speech on Climate change later.

Storm Drain Filter System Successfully Installed in Norwalk, Connecticut

AbTech Industries Inc, the leading provider of customized clean water solutions, announced today the successful installation of over 275 Ultra Urban® Filters (UUF) with Smart Sponge® Plus in storm drains in the targeted drainage area of Norwalk, Connecticut.

Eco-fabric Made of Bamboo Charcoal

"The active ingredients of these wonderful socks is actually bamboo charcoal!" said Robin Low, Greenyarn's CEO.

Bacteria Converts Styrofoam into Biodegradable Plastic

Bacteria could help transform a key component of disposable cups, plates and utensils into a useful eco-friendly plastic, significantly reducing the environmental impact of this ubiquitous, but difficult-to-recycle waste stream, according to a study scheduled to appear in the April 1 issue of the American Chemical Society journal, Environmental Science & Technology.

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