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Getting Green Tech Into the Marketplace

UC Davis experts will lead the first Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy, geared to helping students and researchers move environmental solutions out of the laboratory and into the marketplace.

EPA Seeks Public Comment on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The US Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment on a draft report that analyzes sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

GE Announces Advancement in Incandescent Technology

GE Consumer & Industrial's Lighting division, a world leader in the development of energy-efficient lighting products, today announced advancements to the light bulb invented by GE's founder Thomas Edison that potentially will elevate the energy efficiency of this 125-year-old technology to levels comparable to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), delivering significant environmental benefits.

Hydroxyl Awarded $1M Turnkey ActiveCell Industrial Wastewater Treatment Contract

Hydroxyl Systems announced today that the company has been awarded a $1,1 Million USD contract from Mizkan Americas for the turnkey supply of an ActiveCell biological wastewater treatment system.

More Communication of Climate Change Science Won't Spur Problem Solving

The notion that more information about the science of human-caused climate change will spur effective problem solving by American society is just flat wrong, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder climate policy analyst.

U.S. Consumers Hold Big Business Accountable for Global Warming

Independent market research firm, The MindClick Group, today released the findings of a new study detailing consumer attitudes toward climate change: more than 60 percent of US consumers hold government and big business directly accountable for global warming.

Study to Forecast Side Effects of Pollution Policy

The University of Michigan is leading a four-university team in a large-scale project to develop software to help analysts craft greenhouse gas reduction policies in the transportation industry.

Cereplast Receives 2007 SPE Environmental Plastic Award for New Technology in Materials

Cereplast, Inc, manufacturer of proprietary bio-based renewable plastics, announced today that it is the recipient of The 2007 Environmental Award for New Technology in Materials from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

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