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David Miliband Urges Radical Land Use Rethink

Environment Secretary David Miliband today called for a "radical rethink" about land use to take account of climate change impacts and to enhance the quality and beauty of our environment.

Conference Aims to Boost Environmental Education State-wide in West Virginia

A consortium of non-profit and government organizations who want to see environmental learning flourish in West Virginia will hold a conference March 21 for teachers and educators interested in teaching children about the environment.

U.S., Japan Consider Co-Benefits of Domestic and Global Environmental Programs

EPA and the Japanese Ministry of Environment (MOEJ) held a Washington workshop this week to expand their efforts on climate change and sustainable development in developing countries.

EPA Seeks Public Comment on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The US Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment on a draft report that analyzes sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

EU and US Agree to Cooperate on Environmental Research and Ecoinformatics

Under a new agreement reached on Friday, February 9th by the European Union and the United States, scientists and researchers from both continents will be working closer together to more strategically address common environmental challenges.

CalSTEP Unveils Action Plan to Boost California's Energy Security

Against a backdrop of advanced vehicles and lower-polluting fuels, the California Secure Transportation Energy Partnership (CalSTEP) today unveiled a comprehensive set of actions geared toward increasing California's transportation energy efficiency and alternative fuel use by 2020.

Major Businesses and Environmental Leaders Unite to Call for Swift Action on Global Climate Change

A diverse group of US-based businesses and leading environmental organizations today called on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to achieve significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Study Finds Improvements in Environmental Management of Coal Combustion Wastes

A new report prepared by the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory has the potential for far-reaching impacts on the electric utility industry.

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