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Artificial Lung to Remove Carbon Dioxide - from Smokestacks

The amazingly efficient lungs of birds and the swim bladders of fish have become the inspiration for a new filtering system to remove carbon dioxide from electric power station smokestacks before the main greenhouse gas can billow into the atmosphere and contribute to global climate change.

Pilot Plant to Permanently Store CO2 Emissions as Carbonate Rock Bricks for use in Construction Industry

A new method for permanently and safely storing carbon emissions generated from fossil fuels and other industrial processes will be trialled in a mineral carbonation research pilot plant to be built at the University of Newcastle.

Nanomaterial to help reduce CO2 emissions

University of Adelaide researchers have developed a new nanomaterial that could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power stations.

Inventor Borrows Ideas from Nature to Tackle Key Societal Challenges

Dr Angela Belcher, a materials chemist and one of the world's leading scientists in nanotechnology was announced today as the recipient of the 2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize.

A Greener State of Mind in 2013

New Year's resolutions aren't for everybody, but they make a good starting point for anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives.

Go Green in the Garden With Xeriscaping, Solarization and Succulents

A home's landscape gives a house much of its character.

A Beginner's Guide to Superfund Cleanup

If you've recently started researching the terms "Superfund site" or "Superfund cleanup" you'll be inundated with scientific and governmental tomes heavy with incomprehensible jargon.

Self-Charging Power Cell Converts and Stores Energy in a Single Unit

Researchers have developed a self-charging power cell that directly converts mechanical energy to chemical energy, storing the power until it is released as electrical current.

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