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Pacific Natural Energy Launches Innovative Alternative Energy Solution

Eric McLeod, founder and CEO of Pacific Natural Energy (PNE), today announced the launch of his new alternative energy company just in time for Earth Day. PNE will be a pioneer producer of high-grade biodiesel fuel (manufactured from common vegetable oil or animal fats) and also provide the opportunity for other innovators to produce their own biodiesel fuel on-site.

According to recent surveys, almost two-thirds of Americans are now interested in making "green" choices, including making the switch from gasoline or diesel to more environmentally friendly forms of fuel. Unfortunately, opportunities in the alternative fuel market have been quite limited. PNE is about to make the choice to "go green" much easier - for everyone who is ready to make the transition.

"PNE offers an efficient and functional mobile biodiesel processing unit that we make available anywhere in North America," said McLeod. "We provide the ability to safely and easily convert the nastiest stuff you've ever seen or smelled into biodiesel that can exceed ASTM quality standards. Our processors are completely self-contained and come installed in one standard 20- or 40-foot cargo container."

The containers can be easily transported and set up virtually anywhere that the materials in the supply chain dictate. By introducing highly mobile units, PNE will overcome many of the problems conventionally associated with biodiesel production, including the cost. Now the manufacturing plant can go to the supply in many cases, reducing transportation costs and the need to order fuel far in advance. The PNE business model allows for a new mid-range of biodiesel production. Restaurant chains, governmental bodies, and entrepreneurs can now service their own fleets of trucks, vans, or sell biodiesel at a profit.

"We're anticipating the construction of the first pilot plant that will produce approximately 20,000 gallons per month. I estimate the cost of a similar unit for retail sale should be around $150,000. And with a net profit of $1.50 we can show some pretty exciting projections," McLeod said. "I'm looking for some smart people with good ideas that can bring their talents and excitement to PNE because I see this venture as being well suited to a grass-roots approach. Whenever I tell people about my latest business, their eyes light up. They think it's a 'no brainer' even before I can tell them the size of the profit margin."

"They seem to be happy only that someone's working on ending this quagmire of old ideas," he added. "I want other people or businesses that are excited about these possibilities and can see that -- from a business standpoint. When you have a profit margin in biodiesel, you've got gold."

This will be a major step toward ending dependence on petroleum products, and aid in the nation's pursuit of energy independence. Farmers, entrepreneurs, and new "green" companies will have easy access to innovative growth and generate good publicity by promoting better technology and solutions for meeting many major environmental and political challenges.

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