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Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) and Coal-Based Chemical Projects in China

US$128 billion investment in China's coal to liquid projects spurs growth for coal gasification and coal liquefaction. Presently, China has the highest activity in coal to liquids and coal to chemicals projects . According to a statement from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) China is to start construction of its largest dimethyl ether (DME) project with an annual output of three million tons. Compared with the current annual output of 120,000 tons of DME each year, the project will make a huge difference to China's alternative energy sector.

About 27 coal-based acetic acid, ammonia, methanol to propylene, polypropylene, methanol of olefins, caustic soda, PVC, aniline, urea and DME ventures in coal-rich China are either under construction, planning and or feasibility stages. Some of these projects will be discussed at a CTLtec 2007 conference, in Beijing, on 14-15 March, 2007. These include:

1. Shenhua's coal conversion developments and opportunities (Shenhua)
2. Coal to DME - The environmentally friendly fuels (Xinao)
3. Challenges for coal to liquids industry and government support (Sasol)
4. China's coal demand and outlook (CCTD)
5. Updates on CTL projects (Yankuang)
6. Issues on the development of CTL in China (BCCRI)
7. ASU solutions for CTL in China (Air Products)
8. CHOREN-CNOOC'S gasification technology and market approach (CHOREN)
9. BGL slagging gasification technology and its application in China (Advantica)
10. Synfuels China and its development in advanced CTL process technologies (ICC)
11. ASU technology for gasification-application to CTL in China (Air Liquide)
12. Shell's involvement in development of coal conversion to liquids in China (Shell)

Other coal-rich countries such as India, Australia and US are also stepping up the development of gasification projects in the next couple of years because of the high oil and gas prices. In this context, CTLtec also feature a presentation by South Australia's ALTONA Resources to discuss The Arckaringa Coal to Liquids project. While Prem Sawhney, Sr. Vice President (CBM) of RELIANCE Industries Ltd (RIL) will speak on its Rs 400 bln investment plans for gasification of underground coal project (Underground Coal Gasification-UGC) and its proposal to sell synthetic gas to fertiliser, chemicals and petrochemicals companies as well as power producers.

CMT's CTLtec2007 is designed to discuss critical issues in the industry from coal activities to Fisher Tropsch synthesis, gasification technologies, CO2 Sulfur removal and CO2 capture, petrochemical products, logistics & environmental issues.

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