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Ethanol and Energy From Woodchips

Green Energy Resources announced it will seek to capture the woodchip for energy marketshare on the US East Coast and California. Woodchips are gaining momentum as a superior and cheaper fuel source for ethanol and power energy production. Green Energy Resources UTCS wastewood to energy plan includes cellulostic fiber, woodchips and woodfiber fuels. President Bush in last week's State of the Union Address 'Biorefinery Initiative,' specifically acknowledged waste sources of woodchips for ethanol and energy. The announcement comes in the wake by industry and investment communities that corn will likely prove uneconomical for ethanol production in the US.

UTCS -- a technology breakthrough

UTCS technology software tracks, sources, inventories, and environmentally certifies millions of tons of wastewood generated in the US annually. UTCS can certify existing forest lands, plantations, tree farms, and urban wood waste streams as well as storm damage. The software performs emissions calculations for municipalities and trade opportunities. UTCS is a web-based software currently offering open enrollment for ethanol producers, power plant generators and municipalities.

Energy WoodChips -- a Trade Commodity

Green Energy Resources has re-initiated steps to establish commodity standards for "Energy Chips." Energy Chips will have benchmarks similar to coal and oil like West Texas and Brent sea. The plan is to list on a major commodity index and was first offered in 2005 by the company. Green Energy Resources has enlisted the aid of an international and award-winning emissions trade brokerage firm to fully develop the commodity standards and list on an index.

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