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Silicon Solar Launches Solar Hot Water Campaign

Silicon Solar, Inc, a world leader in Innovative Solar Technologies and Solutions has begun a national campaign to show the benefits of solar hot water heating technologies for both home and commercial use. The company's own brand of solar hot water heating technologies is the SunMaxx brand, which includes a full line of water heating products; evacuated tube collectors, flat plate collectors, storage tanks, and solar hot water system controllers.

A popular, yet unproven, idea in the 1970's was using solar energy to heat hot water for both home and commercial uses. Now, 30 years later, with the rest of the world focused so much on preserving our Earth, solar hot water heating has become a catchphrase, synonymous with green and renewable energy efforts. Recently, Spain implemented a law which requires solar thermal systems to be built into all new developments, showing the popularity of this technology across the world.

Silicon Solar Inc believes so strongly in the benefits of solar hot water heating, a thermal process where solar energy is turned into heat, which is then used to heat hot water for a multitude of areas including domestic and commercial hot water usage, radiant floor and baseboard heating, and the heating of such luxuries as pools, spas and hot tubs. The best part of this system, and the part that Silicon Solar Inc is attempting to educate as many people as possible about is the monetary savings that a solar hot water system offers to its users by eliminating the need for heat oil, natural gas, wood, or standard electricity to heat their water.

Silicon Solar's President and founder, Adam Farrell, a student at Cornell University, and winner of the prestigious "College Entrepreneur of the Year" Award, believes "solar hot water is really the only way to go these days. With the rising cost of traditional forms of energy; natural gas, heat oil, and electricity, the average homeowner on a tight budget should take a serious look at solar thermal systems and the cost-benefit analysis that Silicon Solar Provides, and make the decision for themselves. All around the world, solar thermal energy is used for heating a large percentage of hot water, and Spain, a leading European nation, has enacted a law which requires all new developments to incorporate and use solar thermal energy for the their hot water needs. That is the kind of progress that we are all going to need to make if we are going to preserve our money, way of life, and our environment, and that is why we are working so hard to educate the American people about the benefits of solar thermal hot water heating; in the short and long term, it just makes sense, and though such requirements are likely far off here in the States, if they ever come at all, individuals should look long and hard at the vast amounts of money that solar thermal water heating will save them in the long, and short term."

Matt Farrell, Silicon Solar's VP and co-founder, says "the government in the United States is making solar energy the best option for the American people looking to end their dependency on non-renewable, unclean energy sources. With Federal tax credits reaching 30% for new PV and solar thermal systems, and state incentives ranging from tax credit, to low or no interest loans, the average home-owner, as well as small and large businesses, should really look at solar energy systems, because with much of the initial cost being offset by these incentives, and the balance paying itself back in annual energy savings, there really isn't a better a time to move forward with solar energy for your home or business than right now."

Silicon Solar is so convinced about the benefits of their solar thermal technology, that their own SunMaxx system is used to provide hot water and radiant heating to their upstate New York office.

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