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IPC Solar and Coleman Announce Launch of Remote Solar Charger Line

ICP Solar Technologies Inc, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of solar cells and products, and The Coleman Company, Inc, an international leader in innovating and marketing outdoor products, announced today the launch of the Coleman line of portable solar chargers, designed to provide backup or primary power for vehicles such as automobiles, boats, RVs and for remote living applications.

ICP Solar will produce the line of chargers to meet strict specifications for Coleman products. The line includes five models for a range of applications, plus an intelligent charge controller to ensure batteries reach maximum capacity. All chargers come with plug'n'play for quick connections, a cigarette lighter adaptor and battery clamps for maximum convenience. Each model carries a two-year warranty.

For smaller needs, the CL-100 and CL-300 chargers are designed to provide a trickle charge upon immediate exposure to sunlight, even through windows or windshields. The CL-100 provides 100 milliAmps (mA) of charging power to maintain and extend the life of vehicle batteries and can mount on windshields or dashboards for maximum convenience. The CL-300, which is fully weatherproof, provides 300 mA of charging power to maintain the 12-volt charging systems in small RVs, tractors and remote devices like gate controllers, including automotive, deep cycle, traction, gel-cell and heavy-duty batteries.

For applications requiring more power, ICP Solar and Coleman will offer the CL-600, CL-1200 and CL-3600 chargers, all of which are fully weatherproof, and the CC-4000 charge controller. The CL-600, with 600 mA of power, was designed to work with medium-sized RVs, boats and remote applications. The CL-1200, with a full 1.2 Amps of power, works for larger RVs, sailboats and remote cabins where grid power isn't available. The CL-3600 is a kit that includes three CL-1200 panels for 3.6 total Amps and the CC-4000 charge controller, an intelligent device that controls the flow of current to batteries, ensuring they are optimally maintained. This system keeps RV, boat, mobile home or cottage batteries charged to run small appliances such as fluorescent lights, coolers, TVs, PCs or laptops.

"ICP Solar has an excellent track record of producing solar chargers, making our decision to pursue this partnership an easy one," said Peter Fox, Coleman Vice President, New Business Development & Licensing. "ICP Solar is a leader in the move to accurately rate solar panels. Their products are designed to produce the rated output in real-world conditions, not artificial lab settings. We're certain that this line of products will provide highly reliable, environmentally sound power to all of our customers."

With nearly two decades of experience in the solar industry, ICP Solar is committed to developing solar products to bring increased convenience and enjoyment to people with a variety of needs. ICP Solar chargers provide reliable backup or primary power sources to meet the recreational needs of RV, automotive and boating customers. For the home, ICP Solar has designed highly reliable systems to provide power for remote cabins or primary homes.

"The Coleman name is synonymous with high-quality, innovative products and their decision to partner with ICP Solar is a strong validation of our commitment to produce the best, most convenient solar chargers," said Sass Peress, CEO, ICP Solar. "With the increased power consumption of electronic devices in modern vehicles and homes, our portable chargers provide a simple, environmentally sound way for people to ensure the enjoyment of all their daily activities."

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