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Sharp to Introduce Two New Thin-Film Solar Modules

Sharp Corporation will introduce two new thin-film solar (photovoltaic) modules with outstanding temperature characteristics intended for commercial/industrial applications. Market demand in this area will be growing significantly in the future, and the new model NA-902WP is intended for industrial/commercial use in the Japanese market, while the NA-901WP is targeted at international markets.

The NA-901WP and NA-902WP are high-output models, delivering 90W of power. The adoption of an Amorphous/Microcrystalline Thin-Film Tandem Cell design, which uses stacked layers of amorphous silicon and microcrystalline silicon achieves a conversion efficiency of 8.5% (40% higher than conventional amorphous solar cells), among the industry's highest levels for thin-film silicon-based solar cells currently in volume production.

Compared to polycrystalline silicon solar cells intended for typical residential applications, on top of having superb temperature characteristics, the most outstanding feature of these new cells is the ability to form the silicon raw materials into a layer only about 2

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