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Globex, Inc. Reports Positive Trial Results for Its New Biomass Conversion Process

Globex, Inc today announced that the trial results were positive for its new biomass conversion process into sugar, at the laboratory or pilot plant scale. The new technology under development by the Company has been tested successfully into a four-litre reactor vessel. This new pre-treatment process for the production of bioethanol is based on the use of supercritical fluid (SCF) technology.

SCF technology is a state of matter between a liquid and a gas, which can be obtained in a high pressure vessel. The results showed a significant increase in lignin and hemicellulosic removal from wood chips and the destruction of the cellulosic crystalline structure. This technology demonstrates considerable advantages over the traditional pre-treatment processes of lignocellulosic material such as steam explosion, classical acid hydrolysis or alkaline hydrolysis.

This new technology involves a value-added utilization of residues from crops, wood chips and pulp & paper. Globex's successful testing of this technology in its new biomass conversion process provides unique and effective uses of a biomass resource that until now has been largely overlooked and ignored. Environmentalists from all over the world will see this new proven biomass conversion technology as a welcome alternative to extensive agricultural practices which consist of the mass production of corn, wheat or sugar beet. Nowadays, bioethanol can be produced via the fermentation of crops such as sugar beet or wheat. Nevertheless, these practices imply intensive use of OGM, herbicides and pesticides.

By transforming wood waste into bioethanol, it is a win-win scenario -- greenhouse gases are reduced, air quality is improved and the forest and pulp & paper industries valorize their residues.

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