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Breakthrough Technology takes Municipal Waste and Converts it into Green Energy

Cob Creations, LLC uniquely provides a solution to two growing socio-economic problems that are international in scope. First, building materials such as lumber and concrete are becoming both more expensive and scarce every year, creating a world-wide need for low-cost housing materials. Second, as our world population continues to grow, there is worldwide problem of urban refuse management. For Cob Creations, these problems are an opportunity. They solve both problems through the construction of Management Waste System Plant (MWS) Plant-complexes that processes municipal solid waste into a high-quality, low-cost construction material. Like plastic, this material may be processed into a great variety of shapes, such as beams, slabs, and "lumber" and is a highly economical substitute for pre-fabricated concrete, wood, permanent wood and in some cases, steel. The replacement value is generated by 1) lower cost/better availability, 2) ease of handling, 3) superior durability and strength, and 4) the unique applications of seismic resistance for housing foundations in earthquake and land disturbance zones. Cob Creations MWS plant-complexes are modular, designed specifically for each urban center's tonnage requirements. A medium plant will process 3,000 MSW tons a day.

This proprietary process was developed after years of research by world renowned Dr. Lawrence Reavely and validated by the internationally recognized engineering firm Roberts & Schaefer. Municipalities constructing a Cob Creations' MWS Plant-complex require financing. To ensure that this would not be a barrier to delivering this needed solution, Cob Creations entered into a strategic agreement with an International Financial Institution (IFI), acting as an SEC qualified buyer of securities (QIB), IFI will provide funding for the Cob Creations Plant complexes around the world. Several cities have expressed interest and have been approved for funding.

Mississippi may be the first to benefit from this tremendous advancement in waste management and green energy production. Cob Creations will bring needed jobs, waste management, and alternative fuel to that area.

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