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Urban Green Energy and GE Unveil the Sanya Skypump, an Electric-Vehicle Charging Station Equipped with Wind and Solar Power

Urban Green Energy (UGE) and GE announced today the introduction of the Sanya Skypump, an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station that will bring together the technology of GE's WattStation and UGE's Sanya hybrid wind/solar streetlamp. The Skypump will enable owners of electric vehicles to charge their cars from a renewable energy source, gaining certainty from the often-uncertain origin of grid power.

With the mainstreaming of electric vehicles, a major challenge to greater adoption has been the lack of an adequate charging infrastructure. The Skypump helps alleviate this concern by providing an easy-to-implement solution that can seamlessly fit alongside roads and in parking lots, including those already being fitted with Sanya street lights.

"Building upon the success of the GE WattStation, GE continuously is seeking evolutionary EV solutions," said Michael Mahan, product general manager at GE Energy Industrial Solutions. "By marrying the elegant design of UGE's Sanya Streetlamp with the GE WattStation, we have enabled the further adoption of electric vehicles by making access to renewable power easier."

"Our collaborative efforts with GE Energy have resulted in the breakthrough Sanya Skypump, which is powered by the energy available in both the wind and the sun," said Poul Heilmann, head of business development at UGE. "Consumers' concerns for a more environmentally friendly form of transportation include the source of power for the electric car. The Skypump uses a UGE-4K wind turbine along with solar panels to offset a significant amount of the usage of a commercial charging site," he continued. "We are thrilled to be partnering with GE Energy in bringing innovative and elegant design to enhance the adoption of renewable energy technology while minimizing the impact on the environment."

UGE will be installing the first units of the Sanya Skypump beginning this fall in New York, Beijing, and Barcelona with the planned worldwide roll-out in early 2012. The Skypump is designed with commercial users in mind, while residential users can use a combination of the UGE-4K wind turbine and the GE's wall mounted WattStation to ensure their electric vehicle is powered by green energy.

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Urban Green Energy and GE Unveil the Sanya Skypump, an Electric-Vehicle Charging Station Equipped with Wind and Solar Power

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