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Raser Technologies is Named One of 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company Magazine

Raser Technologies, a leader in geothermal power generation, today reported that Fast Company magazine chose it as one of the fifty "most innovative companies" for 2009 in its annual selection of the Fast Company 50.

In describing how the Fast Company 50 was selected, Editor Robert Safian said, "Each company...illustrates the power and potential of innovative ideas and creative execution. These are the kinds of enterprises that will redefine our future and point the way to a better tomorrow."

The article highlighted Raser's innovative new geothermal plant in Beaver County, Utah:

"What makes the plant unique is that Raser can generate zero-emissions electricity using water that's scarcely hotter than a cup of coffee, opening up previously unusable (and far more common) low- to medium-temperature geothermal resources."

The magazine noted that "Raser developed and built the Utah plant in under a year, reducing construction time from the more typical five or seven years and slashing capital costs, which have historically accounted for about half the expense of a large new power plant."

Raser CEO Brent Cook said, "We are proud to have been named one of the 50 most innovative companies.

"We are pleased with this tribute to Raser's ability to use more readily available geothermal resources and to build new plants economically, thus making clean, geothermal energy price competitive and expanding the nation's potential energy supply."

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