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Technology Breakthrough Announced by The Alternative Energy Technology Center

The Alternative Energy Technology Center, Inc announced today that it completed the initial design phase of its Cellulosic Ethanol - Esterified Lignin to Gasoline Unit. This vertically integrated biorefining unit will take advantage of proprietary technology using flexible feedstocks such as forestry waste, dedicated feedstock grasses, sawdust, sorghum and corn stover.

"AETC's integrated technologies provide the ability to convert cheap, abundant cellulosic plant material into a variety of fuel products that will allow us to efficiently address a part of America's energy needs," stated Brown Marks, President and CEO. "America's energy future must be built on renewable fuels that can be produced at a lower cost and the company's vertically integrated biorefining technology delivers the answer to this pressing need," he concluded.

Building on its recent acquisition of Meridian Biorefining, Inc., AETC expects to extend the Cellulosic Ethanol - and Esterified Lignin to Gasoline Unit with a fully functional BioCrude Process Unit. The combination of these proprietary technologies will produce the first fully functioning commercial biorefinery in the U.S. in 2009. Oil is refined using distillation, fractionation and cracking units. AETC uses a sophisticated, energy efficient system to process biomass in a bio-aerosol form into a wide range of transportation fuels, lubricants, and chemical co-products.

Multiple technologies for processing cellulose into fuels are under development at competitors such as DuPont, Pacific Ethanol and SunOpta, Inc. among others.

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