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Brewery Waste to Energy Produced by New Modular Ethanol Plant

Diversified Ethanol, a subsidiary of Greenbelt Resources Corporation, a leading innovator of effective and economical alternative energy technologies, has released a product especially designed for breweries and microbreweries to convert existing waste products into salable high grade ethanol.

"Our company is focusing on producing valuable renewable energy from substances that presently are considered waste," said Robert Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Greenbelt Resources. "In this case, the brewery waste stream produced by breweries and microbreweries. In essence, we are converting an existing waste stream into a viable revenue stream, while providing much needed alternative energy."

Currently, breweries pay to treat and to discharge their brewery waste stream. The waste is treated to meet disposal regulations and discharged to the local wastewater treatment plant. Now, using the proprietary technologies of Diversified Ethanol, instead of paying to treat it, and dispose of it, breweries are now able to convert this waste into valuable energy such as E-85 ethanol.

"This new technology is clearly a breakthrough in recycling and in creating a new source of revenue for breweries," Johnson remarked. "Using our new sustainable ethanol plant design, our company will install 'green' production plants into existing breweries and microbreweries throughout the U.S. Our small modular plant design makes Ethanol production affordable for small to medium sized operations."

Diversified Ethanol designs and builds modular ethanol plants that employ the award winning "Butterfield Closed Cycle System"(TM), utilizing several proprietary technologies which increase the efficiency of production, and reduce water use by 85%.

One of the drawbacks of conventional ethanol production is the intensive use of water, which this system eliminates. Ethanol from waste technology is also much more cost effective and environmentally benign as it uses existing waste products which are freely available, rather than expensive crop based resources, as the feedstock.

"We're excited about our modular ethanol plant technology, as it allows us to improve the environment by eliminating waste, while producing a high-demand alternative energy product such as E-85 Ethanol," Mr. Johnson added. "We also offer the breweries the needed assistance to sell their produced Ethanol on the open markets, and directly to the local communities, eliminating the need for cross country transportation."

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