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Xynergy Corporation Announces Plan to Launch Hydrogen-Powered Restaurants

Xynergy Corporation announced today its plans for launching hydrogen-powered restaurants either wholly owned or partially owned by Xynergy. Utilizing proprietary hydrogen-splitting generators, the plan calls for the development of several prototype concept restaurants in areas of the country known for green-conscious, eco-friendly consumers. The company plans on announcing its first location in the coming days. The technology is based upon hydrogen splitting and has been proven to be effective in creating sufficient power to supply the power needs of restaurants, gas stations, and all small businesses, as well as traditional gas engines used in today's boats and automobiles. The source of power for the generators is water, including salt water. The savings to the business owner could be near 70% to 80% of its normal power bills, and the benefit to the planet is the emission of oxygen as opposed to much more damaging emissions.

Subsidiary To Be Formed For Development of Concept Restaurants Utilizing Hydrogen Splitting Technology

The company has indicated it is forming subsidiaries for its restaurant concept development and prototyping. "In this climate of over-valued fossil fuel, it is imperative from both a corporate responsibility perspective as well as just being a provider of more cost-efficient means of producing power that we have changed the course of our business model to announce and implement this revolutionary initiative," says COO Kevin Brinkworth. "As we narrow down our search for an interim CEO, we believe that the forming of a subsidiary for these purposes accomplishes several positive benefits for our shareholders, and our new CEO will carry out these objectives."

Tentative Target Date For Flagship Restaurant Opening is Mid to Late Summer

"The technology is ready to go, ready to power small business. We are making decisions right now as to where and when we will open our first restaurant. We have finalized concept and themes. We feel very strongly that we can and will be ready to open our first hydrogen powered store by mid summer. This is a revolutionary technology we're talking about, with the potential to change the energy landscape forever," says Brinkworth.

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