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GreatPoint Energy to Build Leading-Edge Research Center and Clean Energy Demonstration Plant

GreatPoint Energy, Inc, the leading developer of technology to convert coal, petroleum coke and biomass into clean natural gas while enabling the capture and sequestration of CO2, today announced plans to build a pilot‐scale coal gasification plant and R&D Center of Excellence at Dominion's Brayton Point power station, the largest power generating facility in New England. The companies will be hosting a ceremony today with Governor Deval Patrick to commemorate the agreement in Somerset, Massachusetts.

GreatPoint Energy plans to create more than 100 new jobs and invest more than $25 million in the demonstration plant and R&D Center of Excellence. The facilities will be used to demonstrate the company's technology for cost effectively converting abundant, low cost coal, petroleum byproducts and biomass into bluegas(TM), the company's ultra‐clean, pipeline quality natural gas product. Upon the completion of construction of the demonstration plant and research complex, which is expected to take twelve months, GreatPoint Energy intends to develop full-scale facilities around North America. The company will then transport its bluegas product to New England residents by pipeline at a cost that is less than drilled or imported natural gas. GreatPoint Energy plans to locate its commercial gasification facilities in locations where the carbon removed from the feed can be sequestered in geological formations or used for enhanced oil recovery.

"GreatPoint is a leading example of a Massachusetts‐based company that is poised to bring a potentially gamechanging energy technology into the commercial market," said Ian Bowles, Massachusetts secretary of energy and environmental affairs. "I'm very pleased that their next phase of development will happen here in the Commonwealth, at Brayton Point."

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Dominion on the Brayton Point demonstration project, and are thankful for the hospitality afforded us by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," said Andrew Perlman, president and CEO of GreatPoint Energy. "This relationship enables us to continue to refine the bluegas technology and gasification process as we prepare to develop a full‐scale gasification power plant that can provide an environmentally and economically friendly source of clean energy. We believe that the success of this project will provide a path to drastic reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from power facilities around the world."

"Dominion is excited to host GreatPoint Energy and to provide New England, and the rest of the country, with a stable and environmentally conscious energy source that addresses the growing demand for clean natural gas," Mark F. McGettrick, president and chief executive officer of Dominion Generation. "The demonstration plant and R&D Center of Excellence at Brayton Point reinforces our commitment to providing energy in an environmentally responsible manner."

GreatPoint Energy intends to utilize biomass feeds, such as wood chips, corn stover, and switchgrass, in its demonstration plant and has secured a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative to test biomass in its facilities. Daniel Goldman, GreatPoint Energy Chief Financial Officer commented, "We are pleased to have the support of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative for our program as we commercialize this technology and address the growing shortage of renewable energy options in New England. This funding is expected to accelerate our development of the bluegas technology specifically for biomass and create a highly competitive, carbon-neutral source of power generation for the Commonwealth."

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