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100% Solar-Powered Web Hosting Company has Completed a Massive Data Center Consolidation Initiative

IBM today announced that AISO_Net, the world's first and only 100 percent solar-powered Web hosting company, has completed a massive data center consolidation initiative using IBM technology, resulting in a 60 percent reduction in overall power and cooling costs associated with the company's IT operations.

Romoland, Calif.-based AISO.Net worked with IBM and IBM Business Partner Sirius Computer Solutions to overhaul its data center and implement a high-end, scalable technology infrastructure solution based on the IBM Cool Blue portfolio that will help the company better serve its dedicated and shared hosting clients. IBM's Cool Blue portfolio is a gathering of IBM hardware and software technologies that allow customers to increase their energy efficiency in the data center.

"For the past decade, AISO.Net has used solar power to power our data center and network, providing customers with environmentally friendly Web hosting," said Phil Nail, technology manager, AISO.Net. "As a result of the tremendous growth in Web hosting and dedicated server client demand, we were faced with the dilemma of how to remain true to our commitment to the environment and continue to see rapid, top-line growth."

Faced with the challenges of rising hardware costs and maxed-out capacity within its data center, AISO.Net initiated a strategy to gain greater control over computing resources, while continuing to deliver high-quality performance to its customer base. After a four-month planning process and three months of implementation, AISO.Net was able to meet its efficiency goals. Data center consolidation through virtualization eased the strain on AISO.Net's solar panel system and helped ensure the company's 100 percent commitment to solar power. This was a significant accomplishment for AISO.Net, which had already eliminated nearly 10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year from its operations by relying solely on 120 solar panels to generate power.

AISO.Net, by filling their data center with IBM System x3650 servers and introducing IBM Virtualization and IBM partner technologies, has achieved its goal of dramatically improving its internal energy efficiency while also continuing to reduce its environmental impact.

"AISO.Net's success in optimizing its data center is an excellent example of the work we are doing with clients through IBM's recently announced Energy Efficiency Initiative, called Project Big Green," said Rich Lechner, vice president of IT Optimization, IBM. "The $1 billion industry commitment that we launched in May 2007 to help our customers become more energy efficient, combined with our ongoing drive to help clients virtualize more and manage less, is resulting in outstanding, real-world examples like AISO.Net."

In addition to the immediate reduction in data center energy demands, the technology solution delivered by IBM Business Partner Sirius Computer Solutions also freed up space on AISO.Net's existing servers, eliminated the need to budget for new servers and solar panels for the foreseeable future and guaranteed 99.9% availability of data to customers, while also increasing the company's server utilization rate by more than 50%.

"We are finding that customers of all sizes and scopes are interested in more energy efficient computing," said Chris Lusk, VP of Systems and Storage at Sirius Computer Solutions. "Technologies like virtualization are helping them reduce their energy consumption. It is great to be able to offer companies like AISO.Net with solutions that advance green computing."

Nail, of AISO.Net, was recently named one of InfoWorld Magazine's top CTOs of 2007. The annual list honors 25 innovative senior IT executives who've demonstrated leadership within their companies and the IT community. Nail was commended for AISO.Net's commitment to "green" technologies in the data center and as an overall business practice.

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