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New Report Assesses the Viability of Geothermal Energy as a Sustainable Energy Source

The race for alternative energy sources has begun in the right earnest as communities and governments realize the unsustainable nature of present day energy production and consumption practices; an important event in this race has been the recognition and harnessing of Geothermal Energy.

The Greek word Geo surmises the "EARTH" and therme means heat; literary combining the same means heat from the earth's core. The harnessing of this heat energy in order to generate electricity is the process of Geothermal Energy Production.

Some of the early efforts for using geothermal energy date back to the early part of the twentieth century. Thereafter, Italy held the solely-led production of electricity from geothermal sources for 50 years as there was skepticism towards its success in other parts of the world. The year 1943 saw the infusion of effort from Iceland in pioneering the use of geothermal hot water. Present estimates of exploitable worldwide geothermal energy resources vary considerably.

The Geysers in the US is the world's largest dry steam field situated about 90 miles (145 km) north of San Francisco. The field began production in 1960 which has 1360 MW of installed capacity and produces about 1000 MW net. Nineteen of the 21 plants in the facility are owned by The Calpine Corporation making it the largest producer of renewable geothermal energy in the US. The other two plants are owned jointly by the Northern California Power Agency and Santa Clara Electric.

A unique system of cooperative operation has been devised in between these plants in order to maintain mutual sustenance in order not to overdraw the resource lest it peters off before capacity. Another innovation implemented at the Geysers is the usage of sewage water from City of Santa Rosa & Lake County to recharge the water pits in order to generate steam instead of allowing the sewage discharge into the rivers; thereby achieving double the environmental benefit with one single stroke. The presence of Cal Energy in South Central California through ownership of half of the 15 plants operational there produces a combined of 570 MW of electricity.

Other applications of geothermal energy can be for consumers who manage green houses if they are close to the source. Geothermal energy offsets air pollution as it cuts down on the usage of fossil fuels and has minimal impact on land wherein the few acres used for its project only measure up to a small light industry complex in comparison to the mammoth structures for fossil fuel energy processing.

This report Analyzing Geothermal Energy is a comprehensive guide to understanding geothermal energy and its impact on the economy and environment. The role of geothermal energy is explained with the historical perspective and basics of the generation of geothermal energy from the Earth's core. The importance of finding the right reservoir before production decision in order to determine that the reservoir will sustain its economic and societal purpose for a projected number of years is also explained in this report in details.

Some of the applications of geothermal energy have been provided in this report chiefly being the generation of electricity and the type of plants implemented to do the same. Heat as a source has many usages in social context as well and the report explores some of the options used in our daily lives with success and the commendable effort by a hotel in US to implement the world's largest geothermal pump application. The report stresses on the need for extraction of geothermal energy economically and efficiently as well as managing the carbon emissions from geothermal plants in the US. The WGA estimate of geothermal reserves in the US are provided in the report thereby providing an insight on the potential for geothermal power production in the US.

The role of technology and the interplay of economics with constraints are also delved into in this report. The role of the US Department of Energy to integrate a nationwide initiative is observed in conjunction with the environmental benefits that geothermal energy has offered to the US which have warranted the dept to run some geothermal programs are also provided.

The issue of geothermal energy being able to sustain itself as a long term energy source and the corrective measures necessary in order to recharge the source pits is explained in this report wherein the correct production levels necessary to ensure sustainability are also provided for.

The report further explores the application of geothermal energy in the societal context wherein geothermal energy is helping add positive figures to bottom lines and proving an easy, safe alternative to using fossil fuels continuously. The R&D initiatives undertaken under the aegis of the government and other agencies in order for exploration as well as the future for geothermal energy such initiatives are constructing.

Some of the major geothermal energy projects implemented are profiled in this report along with the major industry contributors are also provided in detail in this report in order to understand the scope of industry interest in this technology which is promising to substitute energy feeder requirements for the future generations.

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Analyzing Geothermal Energy to their offering.

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