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Portable Fuel Cell Charger Provides Instant Power Anywhere

PowerTrekk is a pocket size, lightweight charger for users who spend time away from the electricity grid.

Japan Launches "Hydrogen Town Project" to Test the Viability of a Hydrogen Powered Society

Under the "Hydrogen Energy Social Infrastructure Development Demonstration Project", society-wide demonstration efforts are being conducted in order to study safe and easy ways to produce, transport, store and use hydrogen in the form of two projects.

MIT Researchers Harness Viruses to Split Water

A team of MIT researchers has found a novel way to mimic the process by which plants use the power of sunlight to split water and make chemical fuel to power their growth.

DOE Secretary Chu Announces $41.9 Million to Spur Growth of Fuel Cell Markets

To expand the use of clean and renewable energy sources and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced $41,9 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for fuel cell technology.

Double-Action Power Stations: Energy and Hydrogen

Gas power plants could be cheaply retrofitted to generate hydrogen as well as power, chemists say in a Royal Society of Chemistry journal.

Metafoam's Porous Electrodes Show Exciting Results for Hydrogen Production

Metafoam Technologies Inc proudly announces that its metal foam electrodes have yielded promising results for hydrogen production.

ECN and TECHNIP KTI Cooperate on Next-Generation Hydrogen Production

The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has been selected by TECHNIP KTI SpA to deliver a hydrogen purification module for the FISR-project.

Solar Cell Directly Splits Water for Hydrogen

Plants trees and algae do it - even some bacteria and moss do it, but scientists have had a difficult time developing methods to turn sunlight into useful fuel.

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