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Johnson Controls Expands Renewable Energy Services

In response to increasing global demand for renewable energy, Johnson Controls, Inc is expanding its business direction in the areas of designing, installing and servicing geothermal, solar, biomass, wind and other renewable sources as energy supply options for customers.

Ethanol Production Requires Careful Management for Maximum Environmental Benefits

When it comes to ethanol, it's not easy being greener.

Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) and Coal-Based Chemical Projects in China

US$128 billion investment in China's coal to liquid projects spurs growth for coal gasification and coal liquefaction.

Physicist Recommends US Develop "Portfolio of Fuels, Electricity and Efficiency"

President Bush called on fuel makers to produce 35 billion gallons of alternative fuels a year by 2017 - that's not going to happen using corn as the basis for ethanol, said Ernest J Moniz, director of the MIT Energy Initiative.

Biofuels Technology Developed to Produce High Performance Fuels From Any Renewable Oil

Diversified Energy Corporation announced today they have agreed to the terms of an exclusive worldwide license with North Carolina State University for an innovative and breakthrough biofuels technology.

New Fuels Have Huge Potential To Reduce Gasoline Use

New vehicle fuels and related technologies offer the greatest potential for large reductions in gasoline use and the US economy's dependence on petroleum, a White House report says.

BlueFire Calls for Congressional Action to Build Cellulosic Ethanol Facilities

Witnesses before the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this past Thursday (2/1/07) presented testimony that the vast majority of US adults say national and state governments should provide financial incentives to biofuels producers to encourage the production and availability of biofuels.

BP Selects Strategic Partners For Energy Biosciences Institute

BP has selected the University of California Berkeley and its partners the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to join in a $500 million research program that will explore how bioscience can be used to increase energy production and reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment.

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