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First Test for Spider Robots in Space

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency will launch a satellite called Furoshiki on 10/18/06 to test a concept of spider-like robots building complex structures in space.

Internet-based Biofuel Marketplace Planned

An international consortium led by Hungarian-owned Geonardo Kft is planning an Internet-based Biofuel Marketplace.

BP Plans to Double Investments in Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

BP, one of the largest oil companies in the world, is doubling it's investment in alternative and renewable energy sources.

Reduce Pollution and Create Fuel Using Algae

By filtering smokestack exhaust through algae-filled bioreactors, GreenFuel Technologies has developed a system to reduce power plant emissions.

Largest Solar Project in the World Planned for Southern California

Stirling Energy Systems is planning to build two solar farms in Southern California for Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric.

Three Fuel Technologies Seen as Best Future Energy Sources

The Apec Center for Technology Forsight has come up with three alternative energy sources which are seen as having the biggest impact in the coming decades.

New Solar Power Plant Built in Nevada

A new 64-megawatt solar thermal power plant should begin providing enough electricity to support 40,000 homes in 2007.

Floating Windmills to Provide Hidden Power

Norwegian energy group Norsk Hydro plans to develop a prototype floating windmill that can be placed out at sea.

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