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Research Institutions, Businesses Launch Renewable Fuels Venture

A joint venture among businesses and Colorado research institutions to further develop renewable fuels was announced today at the state capitol in Denver.

Blue Diamond Ventures Announces Plan to Construct Bio-Diesel Facility in Belize

Blue Diamond Ventures today announced plans to construct a bio-diesel plant in Belize, with an eventual capacity of 50 million gallons per year (GPY).

Dow Achieves Another Major Milestone in its Quest for Sustainable Chemistries

The Dow Chemical Company today announced a significant milestone in its pursuit of sustainable chemistries, with the introduction of monopropylene glycol derived from renewable resources.

Alternative Energy Sources Completes Final Zoning Step for Iowa Ethanol Plant

Kansas City-based Alternative Energy Sources today announced that the Boone County (Iowa) Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve rezoning of 625 acres for agricultural business use.

International Fuel Technology Improves Bio-Diesel Fuel Blends

International Fuel Technology (IFT) today announced that BfB Laboratories, a world renowned independent test facility located in Belgium, recently completed extensive testing on a number of fuel additives and their impact on bio-diesel fuel blends.

Cellulosic Ethanol: Fuel of the Future?

In his January 23 State of the Union address, President George Bush outlined his plan to reduce the nation's dependency on foreign oil by requiring the production of 35 billion gallons a year of renewable and alternative fuels by 2017, roughly five times the current target set by Congress of 7 1/2 billion gallons by 2012.

President Jimmy Carter Welcomes New Biodiesel Plant to Georgia

Today at a groundbreaking ceremony just six blocks from his home, former President Jimmy Carter helped to announce that Alterra Bioenergy Corporation, a biofuel producer and distributor, will build its next plant in his hometown.

From Farm Waste to Fuel Tanks

Using corncob waste as a starting material, researchers have created carbon briquettes with complex nanopores capable of storing natural gas at an unprecedented density of 180 times their own volume and at one seventh the pressure of conventional natural gas tanks.

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