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Revolutionary Green Engine Dramatically Reduces Costs and Emissions

Deluge, Inc has tested and perfected a breakthrough hydraulic engine design that is now ready for commercialization.

Hawai'i Geothermal Energy - Clean, Stable, Always Available

For just short of 15 years, Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) has supplied clean, safe and sustainable electrical energy -- and energy diversification -- to Hawaii Island, the Big Island of the chain.

New Report Assesses the Viability of Geothermal Energy as a Sustainable Energy Source

The race for alternative energy sources has begun in the right earnest as communities and governments realize the unsustainable nature of present day energy production and consumption practices; an important event in this race has been the recognition and harnessing of Geothermal Energy.

We Have Just Begun to Tap Geothermal Energy's Potential

A leading US geothermal developer applauded new House legislation seeking to tap possibly hundreds of thousands of megawatts of new geothermal energy to meet US power needs.

Queensland Embraces Geothermal Energy

Queensland has taken another step forward in developing a robust and vibrant geothermal energy industry by holding the first industry workshop today on the future framework of the industry.

Raser Technologies and UTC Power to Work Together to Tap Geothermal Resources

UTC Power, a United Technologies Corp company, and Raser Technologies of Provo, Utah, today announced they have entered into a series of agreements for UTC Power to provide up to 135 PureCycle geothermal power systems for three Raser power plants.

Raser Secures Geothermal Leases in Utah

Raser Technologies, Inc announced today that it has secured geothermal rights in Utah under the terms of seven lease agreements.

Geothermal Industry in the US Remains Up-beat for Future Expansion

Geothermal heat is a significant provider of energy in a small number of countries, all located in regions subject to earthquakes and volcanoes.

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