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Ambient Electromagnetic Energy Harnessed for Small Electronic Devices

Researchers have discovered a way to capture and harness energy transmitted by such sources as radio and television transmitters, cell phone networks and satellite communications systems.

'Cling-film' Solar Cells Could Lead to Advance in Renewable Energy

A scientific advance in renewable energy which promises a revolution in the ease and cost of using solar cells, has been announced today, Monday 4 July 2011.

1366 Technologies Develops Process to Cut the Cost of Solar Cell Manufacturing in Half

1366 Technologies today announced that the US Department of Energy (DOE) has offered a conditional commitment to the company for a $150 million loan guarantee.

ClearEdge Power Receives $2.8 Million to Deploy Fuel Cells in a Variety of Commercial Buildings

A grocery store, greenhouse, hotel and community college will be among a diverse group of West Coast organizations testing the next generation of fuel cells that produce both electric power and heat while saving energy, thanks to a $2,8 million combined industry and government award announced today by the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Department of Energy Offers $2 Billion for Concentrating Solar Power Plants

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the offer of conditional commitments to provide loan guarantees to support two concentrating solar power (CSP) projects - the Mojave Solar Project (MSP) in San Bernardino County, California, and the Genesis Solar Project, located on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Riverside County, California.

Department of Energy Announces up to $70 Million to Advance Technology and Reduce Cost of Geothermal Energy

In support of President Obama's goal of generating 80% of the country's electricity from clean energy sources by 2035, US Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the availability of up to $70 million in new funding over three years for technology advancements in geothermal energy to accelerate development of this promising clean energy resource.

Toys "R" Us Announces Plans to Install North America's Largest Rooftop Solar Power System at Distribution Center in New Jersey

Toys"R"Us recently announced plans to add the largest rooftop solar power installation in North America to its distribution center in Flanders, NJ.

Formidable Fungal Force Counters Biofuel Plant Pathogens

Fungi play significant ecological and economic roles - they can break down organic matter, cause devastating agricultural blights, enter into symbiotic relationships to protect and nourish plants, or offer a tasty repast.

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