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DuPont Executive Outlines Company's Plan for Growth in Alternative Energy Technologies

At a conference for investors here today, DuPont Bio-Based Materials Vice President & General Manager John Ranieri said the company's strategy for growth in alternative energy technologies is based on a solid product portfolio and a unique pipeline of new technologies that are supported by a strong intellectual property estate.

Green Power Project Results in Clean Air for Northern Alberta

Northern Alberta is becoming a centre for renewable energy, CEO of Canadian Hydro John Keating announced today at the Official Opening of the Grande Prairie EcoPower Centre.

Pressure Building for Switch to Biofuels

Under the pressure of soaring oil prices and growing environmental constraints, momentum is gathering for a major international switch from fossil fuels to renewable bioenergy, according to FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Biomaxx Systems to Develop Biomass to Electricity Initiative

On March 21st, 2006 the Ontario Government's announced the new standards price they will pay for energy produced from renewable sources in Ontario.

Internet-based Biofuel Marketplace Planned

An international consortium led by Hungarian-owned Geonardo Kft is planning an Internet-based Biofuel Marketplace.

Reduce Pollution and Create Fuel Using Algae

By filtering smokestack exhaust through algae-filled bioreactors, GreenFuel Technologies has developed a system to reduce power plant emissions.

Three Fuel Technologies Seen as Best Future Energy Sources

The Apec Center for Technology Forsight has come up with three alternative energy sources which are seen as having the biggest impact in the coming decades.

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