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EPA Challenges Top Corporations to Double Use of Green Power

The US Environmental Protection Agency is asking Fortune 500 companies to step up to the plate and double their current level of green power purchasing.

Breeding Soybeans for Ethanol and Fiberboard

Having successfully turned pieces of giant soybean stalks into charcoal briquettes, Agricultural Research Service chemical engineer Justin Barone now believes they would make good fiberboard and other wood-substitute products as well.

New US Congress Expected to Enact Alternative Energy Laws

Green Energy Resources citing CNBC noted Renewable Energy was one the 3 biggest winners of Tuesday's Election.

NextEnergy to Provide Michigan Gas Retailers with Incentives to Sell Biofuels

NextEnergy, Michigan's alternative energy accelerator, has been awarded a Biofuels Infrastructure Incentive Grant, enabling them to offer incentives to Michigan gas station retailers to install or convert fueling equipment to ethanol (E85) and/or biodiesel (B20).

New Ethanol Process Offers Lower Costs, Environmental Benefits

Purdue Research Foundation has licensed a technology to Bio Processing Technology Inc for the development of a new environmentally friendly method to produce ethanol that also costs less than current methods.

Alternative Energy Sources to Build Ethanol Plant in Kankakee, IL

Kansas City-based Alternative Energy Sources Inc today announced plans to build a 110-million-gallon ethanol plant 65 miles south of Chicago in Kankakee, Ill.

Argonne and Partners Help Biorefineries Compete With Oil Refineries

Argonne researchers are partnering with industry and other national laboratories to develop biorefineries that compete economically with oil refineries.

Globex, Inc. Reports Positive Trial Results for Its New Biomass Conversion Process

Globex, Inc today announced that the trial results were positive for its new biomass conversion process into sugar, at the laboratory or pilot plant scale.

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